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Tuesday Class
& Latin Class

7.00 each
Sequence Dancing

For those of you who
enjoy popular
Sequence Dancing 
and want to improve 
on your style.

Why not book a 
private lesson with

If you want any
further information
on how to book
a private lesson
or about any of
our classes

Please call Julie
07809 673 564
Julie Foulds School of Dancing

Have you always wanted to dance but have not been
Brave enough or not had time to take the plunge.
Why not make 2018 the year to change.
Creates a whole new Social Life and a way of meeting
new and interesting people

EVERY Tuesday
Ballroom, Sequence &
Latin Class

8.30pm – 10.00pm

For beginners & Improvers of all ages, learn Waltz,
Salsa,Cha Cha and more

Our Beginners Class is designed to get you comfortable with a few basic steps in a range of dances.

Suitable for those who are Complete Beginners, or just building their confidence with the basic steps, our beginners class is fun, relaxed and a great way to meet new people.

What are you waiting for? An invite?
Come and see for yourself

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Wedding Dance Packages
We will put together a course of lessons to fit in with your schedule
Choreograph a routine to any music you have in mind
Two left feet are not a problem

What’s included in Your package?

- Music selection and discussion of appropriate dance style.
or bring along your favourite track and we will discuss dance styles with you.
We also have many tracks to hand that we can offer.

- When and how to come on to the dance floor

- How to take up dance hold

- How to dance without your wedding gown getting in the way!

- How to make your dance look natural, relaxed, confident
and not too staged!

- When and how to end the dance


Next date for our Social Dance
Saturday 17th March 2018
Trip to Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Tickets 25 including Afternoon Tea
Ballroom & Sequence - Everyone welcome

From 1.30p.m. – 11.00pm


At the Julie Foulds School of Dancing we offer the very best training in a relaxed and
friendly environment. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer
we can offer you classes or private tuition.    

Many of our pupils have come to us wanting to learn a few basic steps for a dinner
dance or wedding and are still with us many years later.

Dancing offers a unique combination of benefits. It allows you to get fitter and improve
co-ordination, you will feel more confident knowing you can dance well, there are
many social functions where you can meet new people and practice your dancing,
as a couple it is one of the only opportunities to learn something together
where you can have fun and use. what you have learnt for
many years to come.
It gives you a mutual interest as well as a new social life.
We teach many different styles of dancing for children and adults.

You may know exactly what you want to do or try them all before
deciding what most suits you.


Wednesday - Thursday
Dance Classes

Julie Foulds School of Dancing
St Josephs’ Hall
( The Mather Suite )
Mather Lane, Leigh


Dance Classes

Julie Foulds School of Dancing
New Church Parish Hall
Common Lane, Culcheth

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Julie long

35 years teaching

Championship Adjudicator


Appeared on Come Dancing
Representing North West

Represented England in
Countries all Over the World
Top twelve Amateurs and
Professionals in England

Social Dance
Blackpool Tower
17th March
March 2018
From 1.30p.m.